Emerald rings are rings that are contain the precious gemstone emerald, and emeralds are derived from the mineral Beryl.  Emerald rings can be made with natural emerald stones can be extremely valuable, but rings made of sythetic or lab created emeralds are not rare, and hence, typically not valuable.  The value of a emerald ring is typically highly correlated to the quality and size of the emerald stone(s).  Like all gemstones, the 4 "C's" are used to value an emerald so the quality of the emerald ring is also extremely important in assessing its value.

According to Wikipedia, the word "emerald" is most recently derived from Old French, and emeralds have a hardness between 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale.  Unlike other precious gemstones that have a hardness of 9 like sapphires and rubies, emeralds are comparitively less hard, and thus more fragile when creating emerld jewelry.  Jewelers typically prefer to design rings with very hard gemstones so emerald rings, and emerald jewelry in particular, are not as popular as other cardinal gemstones.​

Emeralds symbolize "not only royalty, but also wit, eloquence, and foresight" states the International Gem Society.  It is believed that in ancient times the famous Cleopatra adorned herself in emerald jewelry.  Additionally, emeralds were used as talismans for mystics who believed emeralds conferred riches and power.

Emerald rings are typically made with extremely green hue emeralds, although technically, emeralds can have both yellowish and bluish tints to them.  Only the greenest gemstones are used in emerald jewelry.  Emeralds may be combined with diamonds or other precious gemstones such as rubies and sapphires to create very unique and elegantly designed rings.

The weight of the emerald, like all gemstones, is measured in carats (One of the "4 Cs").  The more carats, the larger the emerald stone in the ring, and consequently the higher value of the emerald ring.​  Emerald rings are often mounted on gold and platinum, and the metal upon which the stone is mounted upon also influences the price of an emerald ring.  Gold emerald rings are most common for natural emeralds, followed by platinum emerald rings and silver emerald rings.

When emerald jewelry is described as "Colombian emeralds", it is actually not derived from the mineral beryl, but rather green vanadium that contains beryl.  In European countries, vanadium emeralds, or Colombian emeralds, are not considered real, natural emeralds.  Therefore, depending upon which country you are in, your emerald ring might not actually be an "emerald ring".

Emerald rings can also be sythetic or lab created.  These rings may be relatively inexpensive to purchase because they have no rarity or scarcity value.  Natural emerald rings on the other hand can be very expensive.  Very large, natural emerld rings of high quality can fetch very high prices north of a million dollars.

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